Round 6 v Piara Waters (Pirates) – Sunday, 20 July

Jerra and I got down to Riverton Reserve nice and early to get the ground set up for our last home game of the season. The strategy worked well because we had everything set up before 8:30am so I could relax a little bit before the game started.

We had a pretty good turn out of 13 players. Piara Waters only had 10 players so the plan was to have one of our players play for Piara Waters (I would rotate a different player each quarter) so they would have 11 players and we would have 11 players plus one interchange. Thanks to the following players for volunteering to play for Piara Waters:

1st Quarter – Dylan
2nd Quarter – Jeremy
3rd Quarter – Luke
4th Quarter – Caleb

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Tuesday 15 July – training

Back to training after a couple of weeks off.  I was looking forward to getting back into it.

It is still the final week of school holidays so I was expecting numbers to be a bit low.  There were 9 players at training, including Jared and his younger brother Matthew.

We started training with a straight forward kicking drill, just kicking in lanes with 2 players per parent helper.  I then extended the drill to include running and bouncing the football with a kick to finish off.  Only having 2 players per group kept everyone pretty busy.

The next drill incorporated using the bump bags.  We had 3 parents with a bump bag and 1 parent rolling the football to the players who were coming out in single file, picking up the football giving 3 strong hip and shoulders to the parents holding the bump bags then running on and having a shot at the goals.  All of the players did this drill very well.  It’s pleasing to see the players getting more confident with using their bodies and not being worried about being bumped.  Alex, Matthew, Jeremy and Jared were really hitting the bump bags hard.

We finished training with some match practice, 4 players v 5 players.  The quality wasn’t the best to start with but the longer we played the better everyone got.  Matthew really played well and even though he is younger he wasn’t intimidated.  There was some rough stuff between the brothers Jared and Matthew but nothing I hadn’t seen before (I have 3 sons).  Kevin was a bit of a star kicking a goal and doing a number of other really good kicks.  Jordan took a strong contested mark.  Jarred, Luke and Ethan were really hard at the football.  Alex has a great work ethic, he enjoys chasing and tackling just as much as getting a kick.  I was pleased with the effort of all the players, everyone was asking for a drink when we finished.

It was such a good training session I decided to give everyone a Freddo Frog (I must be getting soft).

My home server

Rather than throw out an old computer I’ve decided to put it to some good use.  I’ve turned it into a server.  I’m primarily using it to play around with ownCloud (

The specs of the computer are as follows:

Compaq Presario SR1915AN
AMD Sempron Processor 3400+ 1.8GHZ
80GB 7200 RPM Hard Disk

Other details regarding the server:

OS – Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Webserver – Apache 2.4.7
PHP version 5.5.9
MySQL 5.5.37
ownCloud 6

Home server back
View from the back
Side view - nice and open
Side view – nice and open
Top view
Top view
Server on floor
Server and Modem sitting on the floor
Server and Modem
Server and Modem


Use a free (free as in freedom) office suite i.e. word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database etc.  Create documents using an open standard, the OpenDocument Format (ODF).  Works on multiple operating systems, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, MS Windows.

My entire family is using LibreOffice – no MS Office in this house.

LibreOffice website
Compare LibreOffice and Microsoft Office

Tuesday, 1 July – training

Last training session before school holidays and a couple of weeks off.  We had 10 players at training including Dylan’s brother Keiran (who is an honourary member of the team) which is about what I expected.

I thought I’d try something different today and incorporate bump bags into our training drills.  I had a feeling that the kids would like crashing into the bags and have some fun with it but I was also aware that if not properly supervised someone could potentially get hurt.  The training with the bump bags, although not perfect was pretty good and I think I’ll definitely use them again.

We also practised bouncing the ball and kicking for goal on the run.  Jeremy is getting very proficient at running and bouncing the ball and Dylan and Kobe consistently kicked some nice goals.  It was good to see that the boys were concentrating and trying to kick a goal instead of just kicking the ball and not caring where it went.

We finished with a game of 5 on 5 where to score a goal (6 points) a player had to kick the football into a bump bag being held by a team mate, you could also score 1 point if you handballed the football into the bump bag.   Steve did well to think up this game in about 30 seconds.  The kids had a great time playing this, Alex was crashing into everyone and played really well, Jeremy and Jensen also had a lot of the football.  I thought Luke and Caleb combined well, they always seemed to be kicking or handballing to each other.  Ethan wasn’t scared to dive into the bottom of the packs and Nathan won a few contested possessions which will be great for his confidence.  Kobe went for a couple of runs and no one could keep up with him.  Keiran and Dylan aren’t big kids but they don’t stand back from the action, they love getting involved and getting a kick.

The players were rewarded with a Freddo Frog for completing a hard training session.

All of the players have trained hard and played well so far this season, it’s been a massive improvement from last season.  I hope everyone enjoys the school holidays and I’ll see everyone in a couple of weeks time.

Round 5 v Booragoon – Sunday, 29 June

Weather wise, it wasn’t too bad today.  No rain and not as cold as it has been.  The grass was nice and dry with no dew.  We had a bit of drama before the game when a dog ran off with one of our football’s.  Luckily the football was ok (I thought it may have got punctured because the dog was aggressively chewing it) although Jeremy didn’t want to touch it because it was covered in dog saliva.

We were very low on numbers with only 10 players available.  Kevin had a broken toe, Jayden was overseas, haven’t seen Nick for a couple of weeks, not sure what happened to Amelie, Nathan didn’t feel up to playing, plus I don’t think Matthew, Damien and Truan will be back (now that they have shifted house).

I would like to note that it was excellent to see Kevin come to the game and support his team mates even though he was unable to play – great stuff Kevin.

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OpenDocument Format

No longer is the Office suite the only product that can reliably show the content of your documents. Get rid of all the issues with vendor based formats like .doc, .xls, .wpd and .ppt – thanks to ODF it has never been more easy to write software to produce or consume documents.

OpenDocument Format website
OpenDocument Campaign

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) congratulates UK Government on choosing Open Document Format
If you live in the UK, you’ll soon be able to fill out government paperwork with your freedoms intact. The British government announced last week that Open Document Format (ODF), HTML, and PDF will be the official file formats used by all government agencies.