Round 4 v Melville – Sunday, 22 June

The weather had been cold, wet and windy all week and today was no exception.  The game started at 8:30am and it was pretty cold and dark when people were turning up for the game.  The following players were absent – Nick, Jordan, Nathan, Dylan, Matthew, Truan and Damien were all missing which meant we were one player short.

Unfortunately Matthew, Truan and Damien had shifted house so when I went to pick them up I didn’t know where they were.  Apparently they are now living in Kenwick, but are still going to play in our team.  It would be a shame if they couldn’t play with us anymore.

Because we were one player short the opposition team loaned us a different player each quarter which was good sportsmanship.  The Melville players that played for us played well so it was all good.

We only had one heavy downpour during the game but I was well prepared with my weather proof jacket and pants.

Cambell was outstanding and just dominated for the whole game – he just kept getting the ball and never stopped competing.  Ethan played his best game of the season, he was involved in the play a lot and got some good possessions.  Jayden continues to improve and looked good either playing in defence or in attack, although he missed a good opportunity to kick a goal.  Amelie did some good things which was pleasing to see because she was looking pretty cold and not very keen on getting out onto the ground but once she started to run around and get involved she did well.  Jensen also did well chasing hard, tackling and making it hard for the opposition.  Caleb had a few good kicks but for some reason kept wanting to play on when he received a free kick which resulted in him having to kick under unnecessary pressure .

As usual the kids did their best and although a few were complaining about the cold I’m pretty sure they had some fun.