Round 7 v Canning Vale – Sunday, 3 August

It was a very cold morning and a very early morning because we had a 7:50am start. The sun was out which was good but the oval was very soft and muddy.

Unfortunately Steve and Nathan were unable to make the game but everyone else was at the game which gave us 13 players. Kobe went to the wrong venue but still got to the game during the first quarter, so he didn’t miss much.

I thought this was our best game of the season, everyone contributed and the skill level (despite the ground conditions) was excellent. The kids have been training hard all season and they’re starting to get some reward for effort now. Also the parent support was top shelf as usual, I only ever hear encouragement and positive comments coming from the sidelines which is the way to go.

As for the players I thought Cambell had a sensational game, it didn’t matter where he played he was always getting the ball. He kicked a couple of goals and ran the ball really well weaving his way through the packs. Cambell even dived (horizontal to the ground) across an opposition player’s foot to stop him kicking a goal.

Best game I’ve seen Jayden play. His reading of the play and his desire to run and make position for his team mates has improved so much this season. Jayden played a top second quarter when moved into the midfield, he was in the back half defending then in the forward half creating goal opportunities – he was everywhere.

Jensen was a goal scorer today and once again played a good game. Jensen had a number of good runs where he broke away from the Canning Vale players and kicked the ball forward. Jensen also enjoys chasing and tackling which makes him a real asset for the team.

Alex has been one of our most consistent players this season and he played another good game today. Alex kicked a good goal when he competed for a mark, chased after it on the ground, picked it up dodged an opposition player and kicked truly. Alex is another player who likes to chase, tackle and harass the opposition.

Dylan kicked a ripper goal in the first quarter after being hit in the face – he doesn’t mind having a bit of a celebration. Jared did a lot of hard things today playing mostly in defence where he stopped many Canning Vale goal attempts, I can clearly remember him smothering a set shot for goal when it looked like Canning Vale were easily going to get a goal.

Jordan had a good game today, he’s really got his confidence now and is getting a few possessions and tackles which is great. It’s always pleasing to see someone training hard and improving.

I have to give Caleb a mention for wanting to come off the ground for a break at three quarter time – he was obviously working too hard. I’ll give him credit though because he went back out on the ground part way through the last quarter and finished the game strongly.

We’re finishing the season off strongly so I’m looking forward to our remaining games.

On a side note Jeremy gave the thumbs up to the Canning Vale hot chips after the game.