Video v Canning Vale – Sunday, 31 August

Here is some video from the Super 8s Lightning Carnival.

This was our final game v Canning Vale. Thanks very much to Tim for taking this video. I will post more of this match I just haven’t finished editing it all yet.

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Round 8 v Piara Waters (Pirates) – Sunday, 10 August

The conditions were great, not too cold, nice and sunny and a 10:15am start time.  Piara Waters is a new club this season so it was the first time I’d been to their home ground and I must admit it looked fantastic.

Jensen missed the game because he was sick.  Alex was a no show and I haven’t heard from him yet so I’m not sure what the problem was.  Dylan arrived about half way through the first quarter.  Everyone else was there on time and ready to go.

There was a howling wind to one end of the ground and Steve was quick to let the opposition coach know that was the end we would be kicking to in the first quarter.  We did borrow a Piara Waters player in the first quarter because we only had 11 players to start the game and I think they had about 14 players.

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Tuesday, 29 July – training

Training was disrupted because we had team photos occurring half way through the session.  It was great that we had all players at training (14) and everyone remembered to bring their match day jumper.  Jared still doesn’t have one of the new match day jumpers but he was able to borrow a jumper for the photo.

We started training with a competitive one on one drill where the players had to compete for the football and then have a shot at the goals.  Alex and Matthew were pretty serious in their pair – I don’t think they even noticed the football.  Jensen and Jeremy seemed pretty evenly matched.  Caleb and Dylan just kept giving free kicks away.

Steve gave the kids a good exercise where we placed all of the footballs into the goal square then two players had to kick the footballs out of he goal square the rest of the team retrieved the footballs and returned them to the goal square.  The objective was for the two players to clear the goal square of all footballs before the footballs could be retrieved and returned to the goal square.

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Tuesday, 22 July – training

A pretty wet afternoon for training so I wasn’t expecting too many players. Not surprisingly I was wrong again as 14 players turned up for training. The kids must be really enjoying their football because the conditions were pretty cold and wet.

Thanks to all of the parent and brother support – Steve, Scott, Jamie, Marty, Adam and Tim.

The enthusiasm was good and the skills weren’t bad considering the conditions. We started off with some handball drills, then we did some goal kicking and bump bag drills. Steve took the final drill which the kids were really getting into – a competitive game of trying to kick the ball to a team mate while the other team attempted to intercept the pass.

Here is some video of today’s training (thanks to Tim).