Tuesday, 26 August – training

The last Tuesday training session for the season. The weather was excellent, sunny, dry and no wind. Very good turn out of 17 players for training. We had a couple of new faces in Blake and Geordie from the Year 2s training with us and they’ll play for us in the Lightning Carnival. Jared’s brother Matthew who has trained with us several times before will also be a welcome addition to the team on Sunday. The only players missing from training were Caleb and Cambell.

This was definitely the best training session for the year in all areas, skill level, intensity, attitude and behaviour. When you feel good after training you know it’s been a good session.

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Tuesday, 19 August – training

Great afternoon for training, plenty of sunlight, nice and dry, not exactly warm but not cold either.

Jigsaw was at training again as was Keiran and Matthew which gave us a total of 12 players. I had Tim, Dave and Marty helping out which made things a lot easier.

We went for a bit of a run around the oval to start training which some players seemed to like but others weren’t as happy. Then we got straight into a couple of handball and kicking drills. I’m actually really happy with the skill level, some of the boys are excellent at handballing, marking and kicking. Not everyone is at the same level but I can see improvement in every player.

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Perth Colts v Subiaco – Tim’s 2nd game

Here are a few photos of Tim playing his second game v Subiaco at Medibank Stadium, Sunday 15 June 2014.

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