Tuesday, 12 August – training

Conditions for training were overcast (looking like rain), windy and cold but not freezing.  We only had 10 players from the Super 8s team plus Dylan’s brother Keiran and a new player “Jigsaw”, which gave us a grand total of 12 players.

Jigsaw is a friend of Jeremy and Dylan and is pretty new to football.  Hopefully he’ll like playing with us and come back next season.

We had heaps of helpers at training – Steve, Adam, Tim, Marty, Adrian and Blake.  This meant we could have one parent (or older brother) for two players.

We got straight into kicking and marking which everyone did very well at.  It looks like some of the boys have been doing extra practice because they are getting pretty good now.  We followed up with a goal kicking drill under pressure.  The kids really get stuck into the competitive drills now and this is helping them play better on a Sunday.

Decided to give the boys a bit of fun and break up the serious football stuff with a game of scarecrow.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy this and it was a nice break from the usual football drills.  The coaches took the opportunity to sit back and relax a bit too.

Played a scratch match at the end of training and everyone played well.  The team work in particular stood out as players were looking to handball or kick to a team mate rather than just kicking the football to no one.  Also players seem more confident going for marks now.  We’re a little bit clumsy sometimes when we tackle but at least we’re attempting tackles and we’re not worried to get in hard for the football.

Great training session and looking forward to Sunday’s game v Booragoon.