The Killing of America

This is a pretty disturbing documentary. It was made in 1981 and I can remember watching it probably a year or two later. I’ve never forgotten some of the images. It’s really weird how the issues that it raised 38 years ago have never been addressed and they’re still causing big problems now – to be honest things have got worse.

It’s a documentary worth watching but you won’t enjoy it.

The Killing of America full documentary.

Hacktivist documentaries

Here are some good documentaries relating to hacktivist activities and some pretty interesting people.

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz on YouTube.

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz on PeerTube.

Deep Web on YouTube.

Deep Web on Internet Archive.

The Hacker Wars on YouTube.

The Hacker Wars on Internet Archive.

Nothing to Hide on PeerTube.


I’ve just finished watching a pretty scary documentary called Terms and Conditions May Apply.  It doesn’t necessary tell me something I didn’t already know or at the very least suspected but it still made me feel pretty sick.

I had already begun the process of deleting my data from my social networking accounts and closing them down.  After watching this documentary it’s made me more determined to head down this path.  The scary thing is my data probably won’t actually be deleted from these companies servers (who knows how long they will retain it for).

This is a must see – I definitely recommend this documentary to everyone.