Video v Canning Vale – Sunday, 31 August

Here is some video from the Super 8s Lightning Carnival.

This was our final game v Canning Vale. Thanks very much to Tim for taking this video. I will post more of this match I just haven’t finished editing it all yet.

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Tuesday, 26 August – training

The last Tuesday training session for the season. The weather was excellent, sunny, dry and no wind. Very good turn out of 17 players for training. We had a couple of new faces in Blake and Geordie from the Year 2s training with us and they’ll play for us in the Lightning Carnival. Jared’s brother Matthew who has trained with us several times before will also be a welcome addition to the team on Sunday. The only players missing from training were Caleb and Cambell.

This was definitely the best training session for the year in all areas, skill level, intensity, attitude and behaviour. When you feel good after training you know it’s been a good session.

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Team activity at Bounce – Sunday, 24 August

With one week remaining we thought we would take a time out from the football and have some fun at Bounce.  It was enjoyable to have some free time to relax and chat with the parents.

There were only two players missing, Kevin and Alex who were already committed to something else and couldn’t attend.  We had a bit of a mixture of boys who had been to Bounce before and some who hadn’t.  I think it would be fair to say that everyone had a good work out and a lot of fun judging by all of the red and sweaty faces.

After Bounce about half of the team went across the road to Macca’s to finish off the session with a Happy Meal.  Jared found some sunglasses so he was pretty happy.

Lightning carnival next week to finish the season off, so one last week of training coming up.

Tuesday, 19 August – training

Great afternoon for training, plenty of sunlight, nice and dry, not exactly warm but not cold either.

Jigsaw was at training again as was Keiran and Matthew which gave us a total of 12 players. I had Tim, Dave and Marty helping out which made things a lot easier.

We went for a bit of a run around the oval to start training which some players seemed to like but others weren’t as happy. Then we got straight into a couple of handball and kicking drills. I’m actually really happy with the skill level, some of the boys are excellent at handballing, marking and kicking. Not everyone is at the same level but I can see improvement in every player.

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Round 9 v Booragoon – Sunday, 17 August

Overcast conditions for today’s game but not too cold or windy. We were struggling a bit for numbers with the following players missing, Ethan (sick), Kevin (away) and Alex (?). Also Jensen wasn’t feeling 100%. Luckily Dylan’s brother Keiran was at the game with all of his football gear, so he happily joined in.

Steve once again took on the umpiring duties, controlling half of the ground while the Booragoon coach looked after the other half. The game was pretty tough and hard with lots of packs forming pretty regularly but they both did a good job keeping control and sharing the free kicks around to keep everyone involved.

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Tuesday, 12 August – training

Conditions for training were overcast (looking like rain), windy and cold but not freezing.  We only had 10 players from the Super 8s team plus Dylan’s brother Keiran and a new player “Jigsaw”, which gave us a grand total of 12 players.

Jigsaw is a friend of Jeremy and Dylan and is pretty new to football.  Hopefully he’ll like playing with us and come back next season.

We had heaps of helpers at training – Steve, Adam, Tim, Marty, Adrian and Blake.  This meant we could have one parent (or older brother) for two players.

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Round 8 v Piara Waters (Pirates) – Sunday, 10 August

The conditions were great, not too cold, nice and sunny and a 10:15am start time.  Piara Waters is a new club this season so it was the first time I’d been to their home ground and I must admit it looked fantastic.

Jensen missed the game because he was sick.  Alex was a no show and I haven’t heard from him yet so I’m not sure what the problem was.  Dylan arrived about half way through the first quarter.  Everyone else was there on time and ready to go.

There was a howling wind to one end of the ground and Steve was quick to let the opposition coach know that was the end we would be kicking to in the first quarter.  We did borrow a Piara Waters player in the first quarter because we only had 11 players to start the game and I think they had about 14 players.

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