Year 5 v Attadale Black

Year 5 v Attadale Black – 29 May 2016

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Post Match Interviews

Tuesday, 26 August – training

The last Tuesday training session for the season. The weather was excellent, sunny, dry and no wind. Very good turn out of 17 players for training. We had a couple of new faces in Blake and Geordie from the Year 2s training with us and they’ll play for us in the Lightning Carnival. Jared’s brother Matthew who has trained with us several times before will also be a welcome addition to the team on Sunday. The only players missing from training were Caleb and Cambell.

This was definitely the best training session for the year in all areas, skill level, intensity, attitude and behaviour. When you feel good after training you know it’s been a good session.

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Team activity at Bounce – Sunday, 24 August

With one week remaining we thought we would take a time out from the football and have some fun at Bounce.  It was enjoyable to have some free time to relax and chat with the parents.

There were only two players missing, Kevin and Alex who were already committed to something else and couldn’t attend.  We had a bit of a mixture of boys who had been to Bounce before and some who hadn’t.  I think it would be fair to say that everyone had a good work out and a lot of fun judging by all of the red and sweaty faces.

After Bounce about half of the team went across the road to Macca’s to finish off the session with a Happy Meal.  Jared found some sunglasses so he was pretty happy.

Lightning carnival next week to finish the season off, so one last week of training coming up.