Tutanota – anonymous and free email

Everyone has the need for an anonymous email account i.e. an email account that can not be traced back to your real world identity.

These email accounts work great when they are the only information required to successfully create an online account. They don’t really work so well if you are required to also provide a name and you use your real world name (doh!).

Tutanota is an anonymous and free email service. It will cost you nothing to create an email account and the only information you need to provide is the email username (don’t use anything that can be linked back to your real world identity) and a long, strong password. The Tutanota website is Tor friendly, meaning that you can use the Tor browser with the Tutanota website and no functionality breaks and you don’t have to solve any annoying captchas. The website does require the use of javascript during the registration process so you can’t use the Tor browser on the safest security settings (no big deal).

Unfortunately Tutanota don’t accept payments via cryptocurrencies e.g. Bitcoin, so you can’t pay them anonymously. This isn’t a show stopper because as I’ve previously mentioned they do provide free accounts.

Tutanota is open source (GNU General Public License v3.0) so if you are so inclined you can read through the source code.