ownCloud 9

I’ve just recently setup a server running ownCloud 9. The OS of the server is Debian 8 and this is the installation guide I followed Run your own cloud: Installing OwnCloud 9 on Debian 8.

To have HTTPS running on my server I used the service provided by Let’s Encrypt.

The user interface is familiar and intuitive plus the functionality for sharing files, calendars, contacts, and bookmarks is very useful. I can also share this ownCloud instance with my family and friends by creating separate accounts for them.

I was able to configure Amazon S3 as a source of external storage. I’m also utilising the ownCloud desktop client. The desktop client syncs your ownCloud folders (you can choose which folders to sync) with your computer which makes it very convenient to access and update your ownCloud from your computer.

ownCloud website –https://owncloud.org/