Round 5 v Booragoon – Sunday, 29 June

Weather wise, it wasn’t too bad today.  No rain and not as cold as it has been.  The grass was nice and dry with no dew.  We had a bit of drama before the game when a dog ran off with one of our football’s.  Luckily the football was ok (I thought it may have got punctured because the dog was aggressively chewing it) although Jeremy didn’t want to touch it because it was covered in dog saliva.

We were very low on numbers with only 10 players available.  Kevin had a broken toe, Jayden was overseas, haven’t seen Nick for a couple of weeks, not sure what happened to Amelie, Nathan didn’t feel up to playing, plus I don’t think Matthew, Damien and Truan will be back (now that they have shifted house).

I would like to note that it was excellent to see Kevin come to the game and support his team mates even though he was unable to play – great stuff Kevin.

The Booragoon team had 12 players so they offered us a player and that way both teams had 11 players which worked out well.  The really good news was that the Booragoon player we got was an ex team mate – Jared.  Everyone was glad to see Jared again he was always popular with his team mates and easily slotted back into the team.

This was probably our best game of the season.  I thought Cambell again led the way, he just never stopped trying and was in the play the whole game.  Jared was outstanding with his marking, kicking and tackling, like Cambell he continually put himself into the play.  Jeremy picked up a lot of disposals and his long kicking was good to see.  Caleb is a player who has really improved this season and again today he played well, he really looked good rebounding from defence and he was strong at the football.  Alex was aggressive as usual and had lots of good handballs to bring his team mates into the play.  Luke is getting better each week and I thought today he was really strong in the packs and chased hard to tackle and put the Boorgaoon players off their game.  Jensen tried hard and I don’t think it’ll be long before he plays a ripper.

There was some good sportsmanship from the Booragoon Coach in the final quarter when he was allowing Riverton players to have a clearing kick from the centre.   This assisted us in kicking a few goals in the final quarter.

BIG thanks again to Steve for doing the umpiring.  I really appreciate the effort, especially because Nathan wasn’t even playing.

I was really pleased with the players efforts today – they’re a great bunch of kids (and parents) and it’s a pleasure to coach this team.