Round 8 v Piara Waters (Pirates) – Sunday, 10 August

The conditions were great, not too cold, nice and sunny and a 10:15am start time.  Piara Waters is a new club this season so it was the first time I’d been to their home ground and I must admit it looked fantastic.

Jensen missed the game because he was sick.  Alex was a no show and I haven’t heard from him yet so I’m not sure what the problem was.  Dylan arrived about half way through the first quarter.  Everyone else was there on time and ready to go.

There was a howling wind to one end of the ground and Steve was quick to let the opposition coach know that was the end we would be kicking to in the first quarter.  We did borrow a Piara Waters player in the first quarter because we only had 11 players to start the game and I think they had about 14 players.

We got off to a good start in the first quarter with some assistance from the strong wind – everyone was kicking the football about twice as far as normal.  That seemed to be the trend for most of the game with the vast majority of play being at that end of the ground.  Although both teams did kick a number of goals while kicking against the wind.

I thought today Cambell was fantastic, he just never stopped contesting for the football and most of the time he won the contests.  He also brought lots of his team mates into the game with handball.  Cambell did get a little rough out there today and both myself and his dad had to calm him down.  To Cambell’s credit he went back out on the ground and controlled himself and continued to dominate.

Kevin who had been a bit quiet in the first half was everywhere in the third quarter picking up heaps of disposals and he really looked like he was enjoying himself.

Jared definitely kicked the longest goal of the game, I think he was just past the centre when he kicked a bomb that went through for a goal.  As usual Jared grabbed a number of contested marks and did well at both ends of the grounds. Like Cambell you can always rely on Jared to give you a strong contest.

Jeremy looked dangerous when playing in the forward half and finished with three goals.  Jayden continued his good form with another solid performance.  Dylan kicked a clever goal and then celebrated like there was no tomorrow.  Jordan just keeps improving and getting more confident.  Really good to see Nathan getting in hard for the football and having a couple of touches,  he should be congratulated for quickly correcting himself after running the wrong way with the ball and almost kicking it to the advantage of the opposition.

Thanks to Steve on another outstanding umpiring display.  Steve also does a good job making sure that all of our players get a kick.

There was an off the field incident today where my dog ‘Tinks’ was attacked by two other dogs causing Jo to be knocked over.  The good news is Tinks appears fine with no obvious damage but the bad news is Jo is struggling a bit after a heavy fall.  Thanks to all of the parents and supporters who came over to make sure Jo was ok.